Montreal Private Breast Reconstruction Clinic

The goal at the Montreal Schwarz Private Breast Reconstruction Clinic is to give patients immediate access to Dr. Karl Schwarz and his staff, providing the framework and support needed to make a well-informed, personalized decision on their breast reconstruction. The clinic and its surgeons function outside of the public RAMQ system. This allows Dr. Schwarz and his associates to utilize state of the art products and techniques, and offer personalized care, greater flexibility, with no waiting list.

Modern breast cancer care should be delivered by a multidisciplinary team, including breast surgeons, oncologists, geneticists, plastic surgeons, nurses, and therapists. While breast reconstruction after mastectomy or partial mastectomy was historically overlooked, it has become an integral part of breast cancer treatment. The combination of increased awareness, new techniques and improved esthetic outcomes are making breast reconstruction a popular choice among women affected by breast cancer.

Choosing the breast reconstruction that is right for you may seem overwhelming. The lack of concise, easy to understand information on breast reconstruction can create a lot of stress and anxiety. However, a consultation with a plastic surgeon (specialized in breast reconstruction) as soon as you are diagnosed with breast cancer is an important first step, and may alleviate some of the angst associated with understanding and learning about all of your options.

Breast reconstruction options can vary based on your body type, the nature of the tumor and its treatment. A plastic surgeon, working with breast surgeons and oncologists, can help you decide whether breast reconstruction with an implant or autologous reconstruction (using your own body’s tissues to create a breast) is best for you.

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