GAP Flap

The GAP flap is a method of autologous breast reconstruction reserved for patients who do not have enough abdominal or inner thigh tissue to create an adequate breast. It involves using a patient’s excess buttock tissue to create a breast. The GAP flap is performed by removing tissue from the patient’s buttock and using a microscope to reestablish the flap’s circulation by connecting its vessels to an artery and vein in the chest. The advantage, like all autologous methods, is the creation of a natural-looking and feeling breast, without the use of an implant. However, it is a longer and more technically demanding operation than the DIEP and TUG flaps, and is considered a secondary option for autologous breast reconstruction. The scar left on the buttock is also not particularly well-hidden. The procedure lasts 5-8 hours and a three-day hospitalization is required. Full recovery takes 6-8 weeks.