TUG Flap

A TUG flap breast reconstruction is performed by using a patient’s upper/inner thigh tissue to create a natural-looking and feeling breast. The donor site area in the thigh is closed by performing a modified inner thigh lift, which can improve the contour of the area. It is typically reserved for patients who wish to have an autologous reconstruction but cannot have a DIEP flap (Thin patients or those who have had previous abdominal surgeries often cannot have a DIEP flap). Women with extra skin and fat in their upper/inner thigh area are considered good candidates for the TUG flap. It is best used in athletic women who wish to remain relatively small-breasted. The drawbacks of a TUG flap include a scar in the crease above the upper/inner thigh and the limitation in breast size, given the smaller amount of tissue available. Like the DIEP, it involves using a microscope to re-establish the circulation in the flap by connecting it to an artery and vein in the chest. The procedure takes 4-5 hours to perform and a three-day hospitalization is required.